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Sinopsis Fanzine


Visual Identity, Layout Design

The logo makes literal reference to the prison bars and each of the four thick lines from the logo physically guides the main layout of the fanzine with the thin dot lines. Five-column grids are created in total, consisting of three full grids and two half outer grids that gives the opportunity to expand when necessary, thus aiming to go beyond borders. The prison style letters in the logo are thought to evoke the feeling of incarceration.


The idea in the design is creating a visible layout that imprisons the content into the guides while at the same time breaking the rules by expanding the text and the images out of the guides.


In order to create a sense of apprehension for the reader, the logo is used as the dominant piece of the Fanzine to make the user feel trapped first and then follow the hierarchy of order to discover the content.

Sinopsis is a fanzine that is locally produced and issued during Sinopale. Sinopale is an International Biennial that draws civil society together with the purpose of building dialogue through culture and arts. Sinopale is held in Sinop, which is an ancient city in the Black Sea region of Turkey. Exhibitions are held at the Sinop Fortress Prison which is built of high stone walls and consists of architectural parts belonging to the Byzantium, Roman Empire and Hellenistic periods. After the prison was closed in 1997, it was dedicated to the arts and cultural events. Creating artworks in such an impressive environment with strong historical ties, the artists in the biennial reflect on the sense of space in their works.


Meanwhile, the fanzine takes its name from the Turkish word sinopsis (synopsis) that contains the name of Biennial hometown: Sinop. Sinopsis Fanzine aims to inform citizens about all the events that took place in the Biennial and to involve them and local residents into the urban development.

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