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NON Nightclub

/Naming, Logo Design

Non is an upscale chain of nightclubs spanning Milan, London, Berlin, and Tokyo, catering to aficionados of electronic house and techno music. Through an ingenious electromechanical system, the dance floors harness the energy of up to 1,400 clubbers, transforming their movements into electricity for a sustainable and electrifying clubbing experience. Rooted in a philosophy of 'no waste', Non ensures that every ounce of energy, including that generated by the dancers, is utilized to its fullest potential.


The prefix ‘Non’, embodying ‘not’, signifies negation or opposition in adjectives and nouns. The logo adapts a sleek graphic design with contemporary neon typography, integrating a diagonal line on the letter 'o' to signify negation or absence, echoing the essence of 'non sprecare' (no waste) in Italian.

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