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Shaping The Future

/Social Poster

AWDA, AIAP Woman in Design Award - Italy 2020

"Shaping The Future" is a self-initiated social poster crafted to raise awareness in society. It employs typography to convey the message, 'The Future is Defined by Our Actions,' by manipulating and arranging text components. Through stylized letters, it addresses global issues such as global warming (melting glaciers, rising sea levels), human impact (overpopulation, extinction of plants), and human rights (gender equality, right to vote - 18).

The deliberate use of emergency symbols in red within the word 'our' highlights imminent dangers, emphasizing the significance of collective responsibility and choices for the future.

With soft earth tones and a water effect in the background, the poster exudes positivity. Yet, it also reflects on the harsh realities and negative environmental impacts associated with the highlighted issues

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